Everybody loves TV shows and movies, and we definitely love it when it is available for free even more. With the internet, mobile phones, PCs and enabling devices, it has been easier for us to have more access to movies on the go, straight from our mobile devices or in the comfort of our homes and sometimes during work breaks.

Movies and TV shows offer us an opportunity to relax and put all our worries aside to have a quite entertaining experience that would be of help to our well-being. There is a constant increase in the number of media streaming and downloading services that are available for people to choose from. From paid or subscription-based platform to free platforms, legal to illegal and so on. These platforms offer the same service of entertainment through movies and TV shows in their own unique way.

One of these media streaming service providers is Soap2Day.

What is Soap2Day?

Soap2Day is an Online media service that provides access to movies and TV shows to its users at no cost whatsoever. It serves as a website that hosts links to the latest and popular movies and TV shows for users to access and watch for free on any device. The platform ranks high among the list of popular and free media service provider available online.

All of the functionality, including Soap2day's sections and subsections, is completely reflected within the app. The official website and the app are identical, so use Soap2day whichever it is most comfortable for you!

Soap2Day Popularity: How did it happen?

Now, unlike the way it has always been, more and more people are getting connected to the internet. New countries and people are getting cheap internet connectivity and increase in bandwidth speed. This increase in internet connectivity and availability has made a lot of people choose to stream or download movies and TV shows on their mobile instead of buying DVDs or CDs. With more people online, there also exists an increase in demand for services like Video-on-demand, Live streaming and media downloads.

In response to this demand, a lot of platforms have entered the entertainment industry to provide access to movies and TV shows to customers who are interested in such services. Netflix, Amazon, HotStar, Google Play movies among others are some of the platforms offering these services to users. Despite these companies' services, consumers still clamour for services that are free or way cheaper as some users find it hard to meet the subscription fees and payments for most of these subscription-based media streaming service providers.

This prompted the uprising of various platforms that offer their service for free to users who can't afford the paid services. It is in this category of free access to movies and TV shows platform that Soap2Day falls. Asides that, while a lot of the paid websites or platforms have limited movies and TV shows based on the rights they have been able to purchase, Soap2Day offers an unlimited list of movies and TV shows for free. This fact naturally made a lot of users attracted to Soap2Day, refer to their friends and gradually build its popularity.

How the Soap2Day platform works

The Soap2Day platform is available at and it is free, straightforward and easy to use. The platform does not have an app (beware of fake websites and apps). It is an entirely web-based platform with an enormous catalogue and list of TV shows and movies- Old and new, popular or not.

If you are interested in streaming movies for free through Soap2Day, you just need to go to their website on any of your device anywhere you are. There are no strings of protocols or directions to follow, all you need to do is plug into the platform and access unlimited catalogue of movies and TV shows as offered by Soap2Day.

Over time, the platform has been shut down, but it is hard for the government to control its activities as it doesn't host any movies on its server, it only offers the movie for download or stream for various online torrents. This makes it easy for the platform to get moved from one domain to another, giving the government a hard time in ending its operation despite being labelled as a piracy website and illegal distributor of intellectual properties and copyrighted materials which they have not purchased a right to.

Features of Soap2Day

  • A large database of option: Lots and lots of movies are available and accessible on Soap2Day via the website. Users are given access to the different and inexhaustible list of movies and TV shows for their viewing pleasure.
  • Interface: The Soap2Day interface is matured and modern and on top of that it is user-friendly. With a search button, a button that takes you straight into the main database of titles, and a menu list that offers you specified and differentiated access to TV shows, movies as well as new movies and TV shows, according to genres and so on.
  • No registration required: Unlike the paid or subscription-based services that require users to sign up or log in before accessing their subscribed service, Soap2Day offer the movie to users instantly without the need for registration or any other protocol. Users just navigate to the website and get straight to their movie or TV show of choice.
  • An updated list of movies and TV shows: Soap2Day update their catalogue or database as quickly as possible. Once there's a new movie out, it gets added to the Soap2Day database by the hour or mostly in a day or a couple of days
  • Free access to contents: While subscription-based offer their limited catalogue to their users at a cost, Soap2Day offers the platform and the movies and TV shows it hosts for free to users, making it a preferred choice for downloading and streaming of movies and TV shows.

There you have it, the preferred choice for free latest movies and TV shows that you can access on the go from any device. Soap2Day is one of the best websites and if you fancy (or don't mind) free access to media content regardless of the piracy label, you can always check it out.

Latest Movies & Series on Soap2Day

Top Movies

  • 1. Inside Out 2
  • 2. Despicable Me 4
  • 3. Deadpool & Wolverine
  • 4. Bad Boys: Ride or Die
  • 5. A Quiet Place: Day One
  • 6. Longlegs
  • 7. Twisters
  • 8. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
  • 9. Coraline
  • 10. Descendants

Top TV Series

  • 1. The Boys
  • 2. Love Island
  • 3. House of the Dragon
  • 4. Cobra Kai
  • 5. Power Book II: Ghost
  • 6. Smiling Friends
  • 7. Baddies Caribbean
  • 8. Running Man
  • 9. All American
  • 10. Rick and Morty


Alternatively, if you are having issues accessing SOAP2DAY, you can use one of the official domains below.